Configure an ACD for QM and Analytics

The ACD Configuration page lets you set up a connection between Calabrio ONE and one or more ACDs.


  • You have the Administer ACD Configuration permission (see Manage roles and permissions for QM and Analytics).
  • The Data Server service is installed on a server with access to the Calabrio ONE system before you test the ACD connection.

    NOTE   The installation file for the Data Server service is located on the Downloads page (see Download Smart Desktop and Calabrio ONE Data Server installers). If the Data Server service is not installed when you test the connection, you receive the following error message: “Error: Please verify gathering service is running.”

Page location

Application Management > Global > System Configuration > ACD Configuration


Add an ACD

  1. Select a tenant.
  2. Click Add. The ACD Details dialog box opens. To configure Twilio or UJET click Configure Twilio for a Twilio ACD, or click Configure uJet for a UJET ACD.
  3. Select the type of ACD from the Select ACD drop-down list.
  4. Enter the ACD’s name in the Name field.
  5. Click OK. The ACD Details dialog box closes, and configuration options display on the ACD Configuration page.
  6. Configure the ACD by completing the fields. See the links below for ACD-specific instructions.

  7. Click Test Connection to ensure your entries are correct and Calabrio ONE is connected to the ACD.
  8. When the connection tests successfully, click Save.

Delete or modify an ACD

  • To delete an ACD, select the ACD, click Delete, and click Yes.
  • To modify an ACD, select the ACD, edit the fields as desired, and click Save.
  • To change the name of an ACD, select the ACD, click Edit, change the name in the Name field, click OK, and click Save.