Connection settings for Serenova

NOTE   If your organization has New WFM, then New WFM implementations are done in a separate process. A select number of integrated platforms can be configured using the WFM Integrations page (see Manage WFM integrations). If your integrated platform is not listed on the WFM Integrations page, then it requires a project managed by Calabrio Professional Services.

The following fields appear if you select Serenova as the ACD.

Section Description

ACD Filtering

(Optional) Use an ACD filter to limit the users who are synced from the ACD. For example, you might configure a Team Name filter that allows you to sync users who belong to a team that matches a certain naming pattern. You can configure multiple ACD filters.

Serenova API

Serenova Base URL—The base API URL for your Serenova tenant.


Serenova Tenants—The master tenant and sub-tenants that you are adding through this ACD Configuration. See Serenova Tenants table.

Capture Settings

ACD Capture Delay—The amount of time Classic WFM waits before pulling ACD statistics after an interval ends. The default is 15 minutes.

Enable RTE Messaging for Screen Recording

Enable RTE Messaging for Screen Recording—Enables the Smart Desktop to record screens.

Serenova Tenants table

A Serenova system can contain a master tenant only, or it can contain a master tenant (a “parent” tenant) that has one or more sub-tenants (“child” tenants). The Serenova Tenants table enables you to integrate both system setups through a single ACD configuration. You can add the master tenant only, or you can add the master tenant and any number of its sub-tenants one at a time.

Syncing core configuration data

Calabrio ONE integrates the following core configuration data with equivalents from Serenova:

  • Users
  • Teams
  • Service Queues and Skill Mappings