Connection settings for Cisco Webex Contact Center 2.0 (for QM and Analytics)

The following fields appear if you select Cisco Webex Contact Center 2.0 as your ACD.

Field Description
ACD Name

A unique name for the ACD.


Your Cisco Webex Contact Center username.


The complete base URL of the Webex Contact Center API, including the protocol identifier.

Tenant ID

The alphanumeric identifier of the Webex Contact Center tenant account.

Interval (Minutes)

Indicates how often (in minutes) you want to sync users, teams, and service queues in Calabrio ONE with their equivalents in Cisco Webex Contact Center. For more information about syncing with Webex Contact Center, see Core Configuration Data for 1.0.

Capture Delay (minutes)

Sets the amount of time you want WFM to wait before it imports ACD statistics after an interval ends.

Enable Data Recapture

(Optional) Select this check box if you want to recapture data from the entire previous day

Enable RTE Messaging for Screen Recording

(Optional) Allows you to record the screens of Webex Contact Center agents who are configured for screen recording in Calabrio ONE. For more information about screen recording, see QM Data for 1.0.