Connection settings for Five9 (for QM and Analytics)

Before you configure the connection settings for Five9, you need to log in to Five9 and create a new folder in Custom Reports. Then, you need to configure five custom Five9 reports for historical data capture and save each of them in this folder. See Configuring Five9 reports.

System administrators can configure Calabrio ONE to import call recordings from the Five9 VCC or to record calls with Smart Desktop. If Calabrio ONE imports call recordings from the Five9 VCC, it imports each segment of a transferred call as a separate contact, which it links to the other segments with an associated call ID.

Field descriptions

The following fields appear if you select Five9 as the ACD.

Configuring Five9 reports

The following section explains how to configure the report folder and the five custom Five9 reports that you need to create so that Calabrio ONE can import historical data from Five9.

To log in to Five9:

  1. Access the Five9 login page with the following URL:
  2. Enter your credentials.

    NOTE   The credentials that you use to connect to Five9 must have Supervisor privileges, which means you need a supervisor license as well as an administrator license.