Connection settings for Avaya IP Office with ACCS

The following fields appear if Avaya IP Office with ACCS as the ACD.

NOTE   If your organization has New WFM, then New WFM implementations are done in a separate process. A select number of integrated platforms can be configured using the WFM Integrations page (see Manage WFM integrations). If your integrated platform is not listed on the WFM Integrations page, then it requires a project managed by Calabrio Professional Services.

IMPORTANT   See the Calabrio Compatibility Matrix on the Calabrio Success Center for a list of supported versions of Avaya IP Office.

Field Description

ACD Filtering

Use an ACD filter to limit the users who are synced from the ACD. For example, you might configure a Team Name filter that allows you to sync users who belong to a team that matches a certain naming pattern. You can configure multiple ACD filters.

Avaya IP Office with ACCS Configuration

Server IP Address—The IP address for the ACCS server.

Server Port—The port number for the ACCS server.

Login Username—The user name of a user with access to the ACCS database.

Password—The password of a user with access to the ACCS database.

Synchronization Interval

Interval (Minutes)—The length of the interval at which the ACD is synchronized with the Data Server.

Capture Settings

ACD Capture Delay—Select the amount of time WFM waits before pulling ACD statistics after an interval ends. The default delay is 15 minutes.

Enable Data Recapture—Select this check box to recapture data from the entire previous day. If you routinely handle calls that last more than the maximum default delay, you can opt to recapture the entire previous day’s data from midnight to midnight. The recaptured data overwrites what was captured during the day. This ensures that your statistics are correct and that the data for very long calls is in the correct interval.

Recapture Time—Enter the time to recapture the previous day’s data from the ACD. The default is 03:00.