Add a report to a dashboard

You can view reports separately, or you can combine reports on a dashboard to access them more easily.

For more information about dashboards, see the Beginner’s Guide to Data Explorer Dashboards.

  1. On the Data Explorer page, click New Dashboard (upper left corner of the page).
  2. Click Add Panels.
  3. Select Report from the drop-down list. Your cursor turns into a + when you hover over the blank dashboard.
  4. Click and drag your cursor to set the size and location for the report.

    NOTE    If you’re putting multiple reports on a dashboard, give each report enough space. They won’t be useful if they’re too small. The exact size you need varies by report.

  5. Click Edit in the upper right corner of the report panel.
  6. Select Properties from the drop-down list. The Report Properties window opens.
  7. Click Selection.
  8. Select the report.
  9. Click Apply. The Report Properties window closes, and the report appears in the panel.
  10. (Optional) repeat steps 2–9 to until you are finished adding reports to this dashboard.
  11. Click Save (upper left corner of the page). The Unsaved Dashboard window opens.
  12. Enter a name for your new dashboard and click Save. The Unsaved Dashboard window closes, and your dashboard appears!

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