Create rules to handle overtime requests

Handle the validation of all or most overtime requests automatically to make overtime administration easier. Use the settings on the Overtime manager tab of the workflow control set to define when an overtime request should be automatically approved, when it should be automatically denied and when it should be handled manually.

Create more than one workflow control set to create different rules for different groups of agents.


Regardless of the settings, the overtime request validation always checks the following things.

  • That there is an open period for overtime requests.
  • That the schedule is published for the request period.
  • That the site open hours are not broken.
  • That the start time of the request is at least 15 minutes later than current time.

If any of these rules are broken, the request is denied.

IMPORTANT   Always select the workflow control set you want to work with before making any changes.


  • You have the Options permission.

Page location

Client > Options > Scheduling > Workflow control set > Overtime manager tab


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