Review historical adherence for a team

Review the agents' historical adherence for today, for the last 7 days, or for 30 days back.

The color of the days or intervals in the historical overview indicates the adherence value. The lower the adherence value, the darker the color. This makes it easier to find the low adherence days and intervals which might require you to act. To have a closer look at a day, click that day for that agent to open the detailed adherence view. To have a closer look at an interval in the Today view, click the Historical adherence button for that agent.

The historical overview for 7 and 30 days back highlights any occurrences where agents have been late for work. It states the number of days that the agent has been late and the total number of minutes that they have been late.

  • The adherence in the historical overview is calculated on a very detailed level. It will not completely match the ready-time adherence shown in the Ready-time adherence reports, as the ready-time adherence is calculated on interval level.
  • The Historical overview is not automatically updated. Refresh the page in your browser to show the latest information.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • You have the Web > Adherence > Historical overview permission.
  • State groups are created.
  • Rules are created.
  • Rules are selected for each activity and state group combination.
  • The agents are connected to an external logon.
  • To follow up on when agents are late for work, you have defined for which activities to track when agents are late.

Page location

WFM > Adherence > Historical overview


Select sites or teams to review adherence for

  1. Click Select sites/teams and select the check boxes for the sites and teams to review.
  2. Click Close to show the selected teams.
  3. Click a team to expand it and show the agents' adherence values.

Review agent adherence for past days

The historical overview shows the adherence information for the last 7 days by default. Select 30 days to extend the period and review adherence values for the last 30 days.

The adherence percentage is the percentage of the agent's shift that they were adhering to their schedule. It is shown when the shift for that day has ended. See About historical adherence for more details on how the adherence percentage is calculated. The adherence percentage shown for each day is based on the agent's time zone. For overnight shifts, the adherence percentage for the full shift is displayed on the day the shift starts. Click the adherence percentage for any agent and day to open the detailed adherence view for that day and agent.

The adherence percentage displayed in the Adherence column is the calculated adherence value for the selected period; 7 or 30 days. It is calculated based on the adherence for all scheduled time during that period. This mean that the adherence percentage for a day with a long shift has a larger impact on the period adherence than the adherence percentage for a day with a shorter shift.

  • If an agent was originally out of adherence for a period, but that time was later either approved as in adherence or adjusted to neutral, this will cause a recalculation of the adherence percentage.
  • Any retroactive change to an agent's schedule causes a recalculation of the adherence percentage for that day. This happens for schedule changes up to 30 days back. If any occurrence where the agent was out of adherence has previously been manually approved, this approval is taken into consideration in the recalculated adherence percentage. If an agent's late arrival is no longer relevant when their schedule has been changed, the Late for work occurrence is removed.

Review when agents have been late for work

If an agent has been late for work this is highlighted in the Late for work column. The information states the number of days that the agent has been late during the selected period and the total number of minutes that the agent has been late.

EXAMPLE   The agent was 10 minutes late one day and 5 minutes late another day. The number of days is 2 and the total number of minutes is 15.

The days that the agent was late are highlighted in the overview. Click the day that they were late to open the detailed adherence view for more information.

Review agent adherence for today

  • Select Today in the Historical overview to view the teams' calculated adherence percentages for each interval today. The adherence percentages are shown up until the latest interval.
  • Click Show agents for a team to expand and show the agents' individual adherence percentages for each interval.
  • Click Historical adherence next to an agent's name to open the detailed historical adherence view for this agent.

NOTE   The adherence values in the Today view are updated if the schedule is changed retroactively, if an occurrence of out of adherence is approved, and if the adherence is adjusted to neutral.

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