Configure when adherence rules apply

Configure the adherence rule to apply for each state group and activity combination. The applied adherence rule affects both how agents are displayed in RTA and their adherence percentage.

  • For the activity Phone and state group In call, the rule In adherence is applied.
  • For the activity Phone and state group Logged off, the rule Out of adherence is applied.

NOTE   When these settings are changed, it might take up to 20 minutes before the changes take effect.


  • You have the Options > Manage real-time adherence permission.
  • Activities are created.
  • Adherence rules are created.

Page location

Client > Options > Real-time adherence > Rule mappings


Define when to apply the adherence rules

Define for each activity and state group combination which rule to apply for the agents who are scheduled on that activity and in a state within that state group.

  1. Expand the menu for each activity and state group combination and select which rule to apply. The name and color of the rule are displayed in that field to give a better overview.
  2. Select which rule to use for agents who currently have no state group in the No state group present column.
  3. Select which rule to apply for agents that do not have an activity scheduled in the No scheduled activity row. These rules are used in situations where the agents have scheduled absences, days off or nothing scheduled at all.
  4. When a rule is selected for each field in the rule mapping matrix, click Apply to save.

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