Play a contact

Did that caller really tell you their address was on Mars? Play back the contact to make sure you’re not imagining things.

  1. Click Interactions in the top menu. A list of all your recorded contacts appears.
  2. Double-click a contact. The media player opens.
  3. Click Play (top center of the page).

  4. Click Close (the X, top right of the media player) to go back to the list of recordings.

You might see these icons in the media player’s audio panel:

Icon What It Means

Comment: Someone added a comment to the evaluation for this contact. (See Check your quality evaluations for more information.)

Hold: You placed the contact on hold.

Pause: The recording of the contact was paused, either by you or by Calabrio ONE.

Silence: Nobody was talking during this part of the contact.

Talkover: You and the caller talked at the same time during this part of the contact.