Listen to an audio contact

The Audio panel in the Media Player visualizes the audio recording.


  • Your organization has the QM, CR, and Workforce Optimization Access licenses.
  • You have the View Contacts permission.
  • The contact’s Contact Type is “Call,” and its Contact Content includes “Has Voice.”

Page location

Recordings > Double-click a contact > Audio panel


View speech activity

The energy bar shows where audio activity (the agent and customer speaking) occurred throughout the contact. You can drag the timeline slider to a place where the energy interests you and listen to that portion of the audio.

NOTE   If an agent’s screen activity was recorded before a call started or after a call ended (for example, because of a Screen Recording Extension configuration), the energy bar is blank during that portion of the recording.

The color of the audio streams depends on the type of recording.

Energy Bar Recording Type Description


The inbound audio stream is blue. The outbound stream is red.


The audio stream is red.

View events

Speech energy event markers label where Workforce Optimization detects significant audio events, such as where both the agent and the customer spoke at the same time.

Click an event marker to move the timeline slider to it, or hover over an event marker to see further details.

The following table describes all event markers.

Icon Type Description


Someone commented on the evaluation while playing the contact.

NOTE   Comments left on evaluation forms that are in calibration mode do not appear as event markers.


The agent placed the call on hold.


The recording was paused because the agent did something that told Workforce Optimization to stop recording (see Configure automated desktop actions).


Neither the agent nor the customer was speaking (see About silence and talk over events).

NOTE   Brief background noises might appear as audio energy, but Workforce Optimization still considers those silence.

Talk over

Both the agent and the customer were speaking at the same time (see About silence and talk over events).

Filter events

Click the Options icon to select the types of events that appear.

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