View a single agent’s performance

IMPORTANT   Performance Coaching is not currently available for purchase.

The Agent Dashboard shows how well an agent is performing based on their contact evaluation scores. Each metric on the dashboard reflects scores from an evaluation form. If evaluators use a single form to score all the agent’s contacts, only one metric appears on the dashboard. If evaluators use different forms to score the agent’s contacts, the dashboard contains multiple metrics.

Data on this dashboard is updated once a day. The exact time is different for each customer.


  • Your employer uses Calabrio Quality Management and Performance Coaching.
  • (For agents) You have the Coachable Performance User permission. This lets you see your own dashboard only.
  • (For team leaders, evaluators, or administrators) You have at least one of these permissions:
    • Performance Coach
    • Performance Observer (gives you read-only access)
    • Performance Administrator
  • You are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Performance Coaching is not supported in other browsers.

Page location

You can get to the Agent Dashboard in three ways:

  • Performance Coaching > Agent Performance
  • Performance Coaching > Team Performance > hover over an agent’s name and click Agent
  • Performance Coaching > Organization Performance > click your tenant name > click a group name > click a team name > click an agent name


View the agent’s performance history

  • Click a metric in the Metrics section. A graph showing the scores over time appears. The solid black line indicates the agent’s scores, and the gray dotted line indicates the goal score. Hover over a point in the graph for more information.
  • To see data from a different time period, select Weekly or Monthly from the drop-down in the Metrics section. The week starts on Sunday.

View past coaching commitments

The Coaching History section lists the five most recent commitments. An icon indicates each commitment’s status.

Status icon What it means
The agent met the performance commitment by the due date.
The agent did not meet the performance commitment by the due date.
This commitment is still active. Its due date is in the future.
The metric that this commitment was based on was deactivated before the commitment’s due date. Either the evaluation form was deactivated in QM, or the metric was deactivated in Performance Coaching.

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