Create a coaching session

IMPORTANT   Performance Coaching is not currently available for purchase.

Performance information on the Agent Dashboard indicates areas where agents might need some additional training. The coaching sessions that you create here appear in the Current Commitments section on the Agent Dashboard.

Coaching sessions are always based on evaluation forms. The name of the form appears as the Metric Name at the top of the page.


  • Your organization uses Calabrio Quality Management and Performance Coaching.
  • You have the Performance Coach or Performance Administrator permission.
  • You are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Performance Coaching is not supported in other browsers.

Page location

You can get to the Coaching Session page in two ways:

  • Performance Coaching > Team Performance > Performance Trend section > hover over an agent’s name and click Coach
  • Performance Coaching > Team Performance > Task Manager section > click a Follow-Up task > Follow Up


Create a coaching session

Everything you enter here will be visible to the agent and to any other coaches who have permission to see this agent’s commitments.

  1. Enter an ID related to the topic of the coaching session. This could be the ID for a completed evaluation, a contact, etc.
  2. Select the category for the coaching from the Behavior drop-down list. Each behavior comes from a section on the metric’s evaluation form.
  3. Select the specific action that needs coaching from the Sub-Behavior drop-down list. Each sub-behavior comes from a question on the metric’s evaluation form.
  4. Select the type of coaching that will be used from the Tactic drop-down list.
  5. Select the reason behind the agent’s performance issue from the Root Cause drop-down list.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Enter the score that the agent needs to earn on this evaluation question in the Commitment field.

    EXAMPLE   An agent’s current average score on the question is 70, but their average score should be at least 90. Enter “90” in the Commitment field.

  8. Select the due date for the improvement from the Follow Up Date calendar. Agents have until this date to achieve the improved average score on this evaluation question.
  9. In the Where are we? (Current State) field, describe the issue that needs improvement.

    EXAMPLE   “You do not always ask callers if they’re OK with being placed on hold or tell them why you’re placing them on hold. Sometimes these callers think they’ve been disconnected or hang up.”

  10. In the Where do we need to go? (Future State) field, describe what improved performance would look like.

    EXAMPLE   “Your callers always know that they’re being placed on hold and why.”

  11. In the How do we get there? (Fill the Gap) field, describe actions that the agent will take to meet the commitment. As part of the coaching session, you could ask the agent what they think might help them to improve.

    EXAMPLE   “You’ve agreed to review our online training lesson about placing callers on hold. After that, you’re going to print out the hold procedure from our training manual and hang it on the wall next to your monitor. You’re also going to put a sticky note on your monitor that says HOLD? as a reminder.”

  12. In the How will we know? (Right Direction) field, describe indicators that will tell you that the agent’s performance has improved.

    EXAMPLE   “Based on recordings of your contacts, all the callers that you place on hold will indicate that they understand they’re being placed on hold, even if they’re not happy about it.”

  13. Click Next.
  14. Click Complete Coaching Session to save the session.

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