Manage meetings (Meetings tool)

Use the Meetings tool on the web to get an overview of planned meetings and to schedule meetings for one or many persons in the organization.

Meetings: Get Started (length 9:30)

The type of meeting is indicated by an icon.

  • —One-time meetings.
  • —1:1 meetings.
  • —Meetings that are part of a recurring series of meetings.
  • —Meetings that were initially included in a series, but have been edited and no longer follow the series.

Meetings can also be added and planned from the Schedules tool.

The meetings are shown in all views where shifts are shown in detail. A tooltip states the subject, time, location, and the agenda for the meeting. In the day view in the WFM client Schedules module, meetings are indicated with a small black arrow.

  • Meetings that are created in the Meetings module in the client cannot be managed in the web Meetings tool, and meetings that are created in the web Meetings tool cannot be managed in the Meetings module in the client.

  • Meetings can only be planned in the default scenario.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • You have the Web > Meetings permission.
  • Activities are created.

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