View performance for the whole organization

IMPORTANT   Performance Coaching is not currently available for purchase.

The Performance Dashboard shows you the average score earned on each evaluation form across your organization. Starting at the top level, you can drill down to see scores for groups, teams, and individual agents.

Video Overview: Performance Coaching | Get Inspired (length 6:01)


  • Your organization uses Calabrio Quality Management and Performance Coaching.
  • You have scope over at least one team in Calabrio ONE.
  • You have at least one of these permissions:
    • Performance Coach (gives you access to data for groups and teams within your scope)
    • Performance Observer (gives you read-only access to this page)
    • Performance Administrator
  • You are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Performance Coaching is not supported in other browsers.

Page location

Performance Coaching > Organization Performance


View performance data for a time period

  • Select Weekly or Monthly from the drop-down list. The week starts on Sunday.
  • To see data for a specific week or month, select Weekly or Monthly and then slide the date slider.

View performance by group, team, or agent

You see data only for teams that you have scope over. If you have scope over some teams in a group but not all the teams in a group, the group-level data you see is from the teams in your scope only.

  • To see performance by group, click the tenant name.
  • To see performance by team, click a group name. For more information on team-level performance, click the three dots next to the team name and select Team Dashboard. See View a team’s performance.
  • To see performance by agent, click a team name. For more information on agent-level performance, click an agent’s name to go to the Agent Dashboard. See View a single agent’s performance.
  • At any level, hover over a score and click the arrow icon to open the Performance Trend window for the time period you selected.

Search for a specific group, team, or agent

  • Enter the group, team, or agent name in the Search field and then select the name when it appears underneath the field.

Export performance data

  1. Click Coaching Summary Export. The Export to Excel window opens.
  2. Set the date range for the data.
  3. Click Export. The coaching data downloads to your device.

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