View detailed schedules (Schedules tool)

View the detailed schedules for your team in the Schedules tool. Your team is shown by default if you belong to a team. Use the filter or search to show the schedules for any team or site that you have permissions to view. You can also select a skill or skill group to show agents based on which skills they have.

The Schedules view contains a visual presentation of the shifts, sorted by shift start time. Hover any activity or absence with the mouse pointer to show what activity or absence it is and its start and end time. The shifts are always shown in the time zone selected for your user.

Add activities and absences to the agents schedules or use drag and drop to move activities or change the duration of an activity. See Make schedule changes (Schedules tool) for more information.


  • You have the Web > Schedules permission.
  • You have the Web > Teams permission.
  • You have the Global functions > View schedules permission.

Page location

WFM > Teams > Schedules preview link (in the upper right corner)


Select sites, teams or skills

Select the sites, teams or skills to view schedules for.

  1. Click Select sites / teams / skills. When sites, teams or skills are already selected, the field states the selected items.
  2. Click an arrow to expand the Sites, Skills or Skill groups and select the check boxes for the ones to open. If there are many sites, teams and skills, write in the field to find the ones you are looking for.

Find an agent

  1. Select the Search name field.
  2. Enter the agent's name and select the Enter key.

Select date

  • Click in the date field to select a specific date.
  • Use the arrows next to the date selection to go to previous or next day.

NOTE   The date you select affects which agents you see. For example, if you are viewing schedules for Team A, the list shows the schedule for the agents who belong to Team A on the selected date.

View agent info

  1. Select a site, team or skill or search to show an agent.
  2. Hover the agent name and click the Agent info icon.

    Basic information for the agent is shown. It includes the site and team the agent belongs to, the contract, contract schedule and part-time percentage that they are assigned, and the skills they have.

View shift category

The shift category, with the short name and color, is shown to the left of the shift.

  • Hover the shift category to see the full name.

View staffing

View staffing to see how your schedule changes affects the staffing levels.

  • Select the Show staffing switch.
  • Staffing is shown for a summary of all skills related to the agents.
  • Click any skill to show staffing levels for that particular skill.
  • Hover the mouse pointer anywhere in the staffing view to show a line that indicates that same time in the view of the shifts. This works the other way around also.

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