Access contacts assigned to you

The Contact Queue page displays any contacts that have been assigned to you for calibration, evaluation, or review. Contacts can be assigned to you through contact goal tasks or ad-hoc tasks.

Task type Definition
Contact goal task If your administrator has created a contact goal for you, Calabrio ONE automatically assigns you a number of contacts to complete each day, week, or month. You can also be assigned a contact goal for a specific date.
Ad-hoc task Contacts that a team leader or administrator has specifically assigned to you.

NOTE   Contacts must be less than a year old for them to appear in your contact queue. If an administrator assigns you an ad-hoc task for contacts more than a year old, they do not appear in your queue.


  • Your organization uses Calabrio Quality Management.
  • You have these permissions:

    • View Contacts
    • View Contact Goal
    • Evaluate Contact (needed to complete evaluation goals)
    • Calibrate Contact (needed to complete calibration goals)
  • A team leader has assigned contacts for you to in an ad-hoc task, or an administrator has created a contact goal and assigned it to you.

Page location

Contact Queue


Work with recordings assigned to you

  1. Read the information in the Action, Due Date, and Instructions columns. You might need to scroll sideways to see these columns. These are the types of Actions:

    Action What you need to do
    Calibration Evaluate the contact. Your evaluation is compared with other evaluators’ submissions to ensure consistency among evaluators.
    Evaluation Evaluate the contact for quality.
    Review Play the recording or part of the recording as instructed by the person who created the task.
  2. Double-click the task. The contact opens in a new tab.
  3. Play and evaluate the contact as needed and close the tab.
  4. Go back to the Contact Queue page and click Refresh . If you have finished the task, it disappears from the page.

    NOTE   Contact goals can contain more than one contact. The Contact Queue page shows one contact at a time for each goal assigned to you. Once you finish working with the first contact from the goal, Calabrio ONE assigns you another contact until you have finished all the tasks for that contact goal.

Add or remove columns on the Contact Queue page

  1. Click Settings . The Configure Fields window opens.
  2. To add a column, select its check box. To remove a column, clear its check box.
  3. Click Apply. The Configure Fields window closes.

The contact queue contains the same columns as the Interactions page (see Customize the columns on the Interactions page) plus the following fields:

Column name Description


The type of task

Ad Hoc Task ID

The ID of the ad hoc task for this contact

Due Date

The date by which you must complete this task

Task Name

The name of the task or contact goal


Any specific instructions for the task provided by the person who created the task

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