Assign review, evaluations, and calibrations manually

You can create a task in which one or more users can calibrate, evaluate, or review one or more contacts. Calabrio ONE adds the contacts assigned by this task to the contact queue for those users (see Access contacts assigned to you).

NOTE   The contacts you use to create tasks must be less than a year old. Contacts more than a year old do not appear in the contact queue. To share a contact that is more than a year old, see Create hyperlinks to recordings.

Create an ad hoc task

  1. Select one or more contacts.
  2. Click Create Task. The Ad Hoc Task Configuration page appears.
  3. Enter a name for your ad hoc task.
  4. Select the task type. The task you select determines which users are available in the Assign To field. Calabrio ONE displays only users who have the permissions to perform the specified task.

    • Calibrate—Multiple users can be assigned the task of calibrating the selected contacts. The Evaluation Form field appears when you select Calibrate. Select the form that you want to use to calibrate the contact.

      NOTE   If you select this option, any contacts not already marked for calibration will be marked for calibration after you create the task.

    • Evaluate—Only one user can be assigned to evaluate the selected contacts. The Evaluation Form field appears when you select Evaluate. Select the form that you want to use to evaluate the contact.
    • Review—Multiple users can be assigned to review (listen to) the call. The Playback Duration Configuration slider appears when you select Review. The slider determines the percentage of the call (from the beginning) the assignee must review to complete the task. The default is 100%. You can select the percentage in increments of 10%.
  5. Select the users to whom you are assigning the task. If you are assigning a Calibration or Review, click Select All to add all users in the group to the task.
  6. Enter a completion date for the task, or click the calendar icon and select a completion date.
  7. (Optional) Select the Notify on Complete check box if you want to receive a notification when each assignee completes the task.

    NOTE   To be notified, you must also be assigned to the Contact Goal Completed notification.

  8. (Optional) Enter any specific instructions for the assignees.
  9. Click Create Task.