Manage personal data in Calabrio ONE

Calabrio ONE deals with personal data in a similar way to any workforce optimization. You must process the personal data with respect, in a secure manner and in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations, like GDPR and CCPA.

You might have to handle data subject requests. This could for example be that one of your agents request access to their data in Calabrio ONE or that an agent who has left the company want their data deleted. Calabrio ONE can also pseudonymize an agent without interfering with historical data.

Limit the access to personal data as much as possible in Calabrio ONE, both in terms of the number of authorized people and what they can access. Keep that in mind when creating and assigning roles. You can assign and revoke roles in the Users tool with full audit trail, to see what changes were done when and by whom.

NOTE   If your implementation of Calabrio ONE includes New WFM, you must manage personal data in WFM separately to the rest of the Calabrio ONE suite. Therefore, if your Calabrio ONE implementation includes New WFM, you must pseudonymize the employee ID in both. The below procedures provide steps for this process.


In Application Management

  • You have the Application Management > Users > Can change and save permission.


  • You have the People > Can change and save permission.

  • You have the Web > Schedules > Export schedules permission.

  • You have the Web > Permissions permission.

  • You have the Reports permission and access to the following reports.

    • Adherence per agent

    • Agent metrics

    • Agent queue metrics

    • Agent queue statistics

    • Agent skills

    • Agent statistics

    • Gamification leader board

    • Ready-time adherence per agent

    • Ready-time adherence per day

    • Team metrics

Page location

In Application Management

Application Management > User Configuration


Client > People

WFM > Schedules

WFM > Permissions


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