Manage metadata fields

The Metadata Manager page is used to configure and manage metadata fields in your system.

Metadata allows you to add information to a customer conversation. The metadata can be captured from your ACD and other applications to pass the data to the following APIs:

  • Schedule Details by Agents and Date API
  • Shifts by Agent API

Calabrio ONE also displays these metadata fields in the Contact Information tab on the Media Player page.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • You have the Administer Metadata Fields permission and Send Metadata Command permission.

  • To view custom metadata you need the View Custom Metadata permission.

  • To edit custom metadata you need the Edit Custom Metadata permission.

Page location

Application Management > QM Configuration > Metadata Manager


Metadata fields you configure are displayed in a table. Use the table to view, edit, or delete a metadata field from your system.

NOTE   Calabrio ONE supports up to 100 custom metadata fields per tenant.

Add a new metadata field

  1. Complete the fields as described below
  2. Click Save. The new metadata field appears in the table.

Edit a metadata field

  1. Double-click the metadata field in the table.
  2. Edit the fields on the page as needed.
  3. Click Save.

Delete a metadata field

  1. Double-click the metadata field in the table.
  2. Click Delete.

The fields on the Metadata Manager page are described below.



Metadata Key

(Automatically generated) A unique identifier for the metadata field, used by APIs. The metadata key is generated based on the text you enter in the Metadata Label field. Spaces are replaced with hyphens, and “-key” is added at the end. For example, if you enter example text in the Metadata Label field, the Metadata Key field displays example-text-key.

The Metadata Key field does not allow ampersands (&) or equal signs (=). If those symbols appear in the Metadata Label field, they are removed automatically in the Metadata Key field.

Max characters = 39.

Metadata Label

The name associated with the metadata field that appears in search results and contact information.

Metadata Type

The type of information contained in the metadata field: date, hyperlink, number, or text.

ACD Data

This field is only applicable to on-premise deployments of Calabrio ONE.

Identifies the metadata imported from the ACD. Calabrio ONE reconciles ACD data by matching contact information in Calabrio ONE with call information stored in the ACD and changes the contact information in Calabrio ONE. The data is updated periodically.

When you map metadata to ACD Data, you must select Text in the Type field.

Data Explorer Key

(Optional) A unique identifier to map metadata with Data Explorer. You can map up to 20 metadata fields with Data Explorer.

Encrypted Check Box

(Optional) Select this option if you want to report on contacts based on custom metadata fields. If you select this box, Calabrio ONE encrypts the metadata when stored. The Encrypted check box is enabled only if the Exportable check box is cleared.

NOTE   You cannot search for encrypted metadata.

Exportable Check Box

If selected, you can export the metadata via Calabrio ONE or an API. This check box is selected by default.

Read Only

If selected, the metatdata is read-only. You cannot add or edit metadata to a contact through Calabrio ONE.

NOTE   If the metadata is ACD data, this check box is selected by default and is disabled.

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