Shift trade request

By using shift trade requests, agents with matching skills according to the workflow control set settings can initiate shift trades with each other.

If the auto grant function is enabled, the shift trade can be approved without having to involve an administrator in the process. To manage most of the requests by auto grant there are many shift trade request settings in options module that helps you control and validate each shift trade request. Alternatively, trade agreements between agents can be finally approved by an administrator.

In the shift trade view in MyTime, only agents who fulfill the basic rules are shown. The following needs to be valid for the agent to be shown:

  1. Both agents involved in the shift trade must have a set workflow control set.

  2. Both agents involved in the shift trade must have skills according to the matching skills setting, which is configured in the workflow control set.

  3. The date must be in the open shift trade period, when the agents are allowed to trade shifts. This is configured in the workflow control set.

To make it easy for agents to select shifts for trades and to avoid them sending in requests that will be denied, these shifts/days will always be shown as not selectable:

  • If there is a full day absence on me or the other agent

  • If there is an intraday absence on me or the other agent

  • If the other agent's shift starts on a different date according to my time zone

  • If the skill setup changes for me or the other agent during the open period, and our skills no longer match

  • If a shift (mine or the other agent's) would end up outside of site open hours after trade

  • In some situations, the shift/day will be shown as not selectable if the shift trade request settings are set to deny:

  • If there is a meeting, personal activity or overtime on that day for either agent

  • If there is a non-overwritable activity in the shift for either agent

NOTE   There is a warning which will be shown if the selected shifts would cause the period work hours to change more than what is allowed, e.g. if an agent has selected to trade his/her shift for a day off. The warning will only show if the days currently selected for trade would cause the contract time for either agent to break the tolerance, and if the shift trade settings are set to deny in these situations. As long as the warning is showing, the send button will be disabled. The agent can expand the warning to read the detailed information go back and adjust the trade until no warnings are shown and then send the request.

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