Access WFM APIs

Calabrio ONE New WFM uses an interactive website to document APIs that is available for all customer environments. This topic details the procedures on how to access WFM APIs. This includes how to enable required permissions, get an authentication token, authorize a session, and end a session.

NOTE   The rate limit for WFM APIs per user token is 500 calls per minute and 10,000 calls per hour. This rate limit does not apply to WFM historical APIs.

The URL to your organization’s environment follows the template below where [customerURL] is unique to your organization.



Page locations

  • WFM > Permissions
  • User Settings > Personal access tokens


Enable access to New WFM APIs

  1. Under the list of Roles, select the role you want to enable permissions for.
  2. Select the Functions tab.
  3. Under Open Calabrio WFM > API access, enable one or more of the following permissions.

    • Read forecast
    • Read organization
    • Read request
    • Read schedule
    • Write forecast
    • Write organization
    • Write request
    • Write schedule
  4. Under Open Calabrio WFM > Web, enable the Personal access tokens permission.

Generate a token

Generating an access token is a one time action. After creating your token, save it in an easy to access location for future use. If you lose your token, you can regenerate a new one.

  1. Navigate to User Settings > Personal access tokens.
  2. Enter a unique name in the Name of application text field.
  3. Click Generate token.
  4. Copy the token.

NOTE   The token does not work if the user creating the token has a leaving date that has passed or if the user is deleted.


  1. Navigate to your organization’s URL for Calabrio ONE WFM APIs.
  2. Click Authorize. The Available authorizations window appears.
  3. Paste the token you copied in the previous procedure in the Value text field.
  4. Click Authorize.
  5. Click Close to close the window. You can now execute queries and commands for the WFM APIs available.

End your authorized session

  1. Click Authorize.
  2. Click logout.

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