Historical Data WFM APIs

Calabrio ONE supports historical data APIs for all current and new versions of WFM (TWFM and New WFM). These historical data APIs enable users to import external WFM historical data from integrated contact center platforms. With these integrations you can forecast, set agent performance follow ups, and more.

IMPORTANT   Engage with Calabrio Professional Services who will grant you access to historical data APIs for your integration.

The URL to your organization’s environment follows the template below where [customerURL] is unique to your organization.

URLs for historical data APIs follow the format detailed below.


EXAMPLE   https://calabriocustomer.teleopticloud.com/historical-data/api/v1

URLs for historical data API documentation follow the format detailed below.


EXAMPLE   https://mtusce03.teleopticloud.com/historical-data/docs/index.html


  1. Navigate to your organization’s URL for Calabrio ONE WFM API for historical data.
  2. Click Authorize. The Available authorizations window appears.
  3. Paste the tenant key that you received from your Calabrio ONE contact person.
  4. Click Authorize.
  5. Click Close to close the window. You can now execute the APIs available by using the data source key given to you by your Calabrio ONE contact person.

End your authorized session

  1. Click Authorize.
  2. Click logout.