Set up basic workflow control set rules

Use the settings on the Basic tab in the workflow control set to control when and how agents can use some of the functionality in MyTime.

  • After how many days the agents' schedule is automatically write-protected.
  • How far agents can see their schedule.
  • When agents can enter what days and times they are available for work.
  • When and how agents can enter preferences on how to work.
  • What absence types agents can use to report illness with absence reporting.
  • What fairness system to use when optimizing agents' schedules based on fairness.

IMPORTANT   Always select the workflow control set you want to work with before making any changes.


  • You have the Options permission.
  • Activities, shift categories, days off and absences must be created to set up rules for preferences.
  • Absences must be created to set up rules for absence reporting.

Page location

Client > Options > Scheduling > Workflow control set > Basic tab


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