Create alternative scenarios

Create alternative scenarios and use them to try out how potential situations will affect the staffing levels. The scenarios can be used for forecasting, scheduling and reporting.

  • Create two forecasts in separate scenarios with different service levels to see how that will affect the resource need.
  • When publishing the schedule, save it in another scenario. Use it later to compare the original schedule to what it looks like when for example shift trades are performed, agents have called in sick and additional meetings have been scheduled.

Schedules can be imported from a selected scenario to the default scenario. Schedules can also be copied from one scenario to another non-default scenario.

NOTE   The schedule in the default scenario is the only scenario that is visible to agents in MyTime. Requests from agents are therefore only visible in the default scenario.


  • You have the Options permission.

Page location

Client > Options > Scheduling > Scenario


Create a scenario

Create an alternative scenario to try out the effect of different factors.

  1. Click New scenario.
  2. A new scenario is added to the Scenario menu and automatically selected.
  3. Enter a Description. This is the name of the scenario.

    NOTE   The default scenario can be renamed, but will remain the default scenario. No scenario that you create can be set as the default scenario.

  4. Select the Enable reporting check box to pull reports based on the data in this scenario. Maximum 5 scenarios can be used for reporting, including the default scenario.
  5. Select the Restricted check box to limit access to schedules in this scenario to users with the Global functions > View restricted scenarios permission.

    NOTE   This setting only applies to schedules. The restricted scenarios are available for all users in Forecasts and Reports.

  6. Click Apply to save.

Delete a scenario

Delete scenarios that you no longer need.

NOTE   The default scenario cannot be deleted.

  1. Select the scenario to delete in the Scenario menu.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Click Yes to the confirmation question.
  4. Click Apply to save.

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