Create hyperlinks to recordings

You can create a uniform resource locator (URL) for a recording and send it as a hyperlink to others through a chat message or email. The link points the recipient’s browser to Interactions once the recipient is authenticated through the Calabrio ONE Login page. Once the recipient is authenticated, the recording is opened in the Media Player.

The basic URL format is as follows:

http://<web server>/index.html#/recordings/<contactID>


https://<web server>/index.html#/recordings/<contactID>


<web server> is the host name or IP address of the server that hosts Calabrio ONE

<contactID> is the Contact ID for the recording.

NOTE   URLs have /ccr after the ID for all recordings except root recordings. A root recording is an administrator view for tenants that use gateway recording only. A URL without /ccr at the end redirects to one with /ccr at the end.