Configure automated desktop actions

Use the Desktop Manager page to configure Calabrio ONE to perform various actions automatically when a user opens or interacts with a Windows application or website. These configured automated actions are called desktop item events.

EXAMPLE   To prevent recordings from capturing sensitive data, you want Calabrio ONE to pause the recording when an agent clicks in the Credit Card Number field in your order management application and to resume the recording when the agent clicks out of the Credit Card Number field.

You can add the target applications and websites manually or in a batch using the Import function. The Export function allows you to obtain a list of all the applications and websites set up in Desktop Manager.

You can also mark specific applications and websites as “approved” or “not approved” on this page. This enables you to identify agents who are accessing applications and websites that your company has not approved for use.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

You have an Analytics license and the Administer Desktop Analytics permission.

Page location

Application Management > Analytics > Analytics > Desktop Manager