Create a multisite skill

Use multisite skills when you want to distribute the work on a skill between sites or even business units. Create the number of sub-skills that you need and configure what percentage of the forecast to distribute to each sub-skill. Assign agents on the different sites to the appropriate sub-skill. Agents cannot be connected to the multisite skill itself.

EXAMPLE   It is decided that site A should handle 40% of the incoming calls and site B should handle the other 60%. A multisite skill is created and two sub-skills added, sub-skill A to handle 40% of the work and sub-skill B to handle 60% of the work. The agents at site A are connected to sub-skill A and the agents at site B are connected to sub-skill B.

The Intraday tool on web shows the total staffing for the multisite skill. The Schedules module in the client shows the staffing per sub-skill.


Some functionality is not possible to combine with the use of multisite skills. Avoid using multisite skills if you plan to do any of the following.

  • Use absence request approval and absence probability based on staffing levels.
  • Use overtime requests and overtime probability.
  • View staffing in the Schedules tool or Staffing tool.
  • View the Scheduled agents value in the Intraday tool.
  • Use BPO Exchange to export the staffing gap and import staffing from external suppliers.
  • Let agents move lunches and short breaks with self-scheduling.
  • Let agents add their own work hours with self-scheduling.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • You have the Forecasts permission.
  • The activity to use for this multisite skill is created and the Requires skill check box is selected for that activity. See Create activities.

Page location

Client > Forecasts


Configure the general settings for the multisite skill

  1. Right-click the channel type that you want to create a skill for and select New multisite skill.

    The channel type cannot be changed once the skill is created.

  2. Configure the multisite skill as you would a regular skill. Follow the instructions in Create a skill.

Add sub-skills and configure general settings

In most cases, you add sub-skills immediately after creating the multisite skill. To add a sub-skill to an existing multisite skill, right-click the multisite skill and select Properties. Go to Sub-skills and select New.

  1. Enter a Name for the sub-skill.
  2. Enter a Description for the sub-skill if needed.
  3. In most cases you want to keep the general settings, as they are inherited from the multisite skill. Make adjustments if needed.

    For more information about Midnight break and Abandon rate, click the respective links.

  4. Click Next to configure staffing thresholds.

Configure staffing thresholds

Adjust the staffing thresholds if needed. These thresholds have no effect on the forecast. They are used to display staffing level indications in the schedule and for validations of requests and self-scheduling. If you need to adjust the thresholds later, this is done in the skill properties.

  1. See Create a skill for more information on how to configure staffing thresholds.
  2. Click Finish.

Configure sub-skill distribution

The forecast is distributed between the sub-skills according to the sub-skill distribution. Configure the distribution between the sub-skills to use as a default value. If you need to adjust the sub-skill distribution later or configure the distribution on interval level, go to the Manage multisite distributions view. See Adjust multisite skill distributions.

  1. Select the Percentage field for a sub-skill.
  2. Enter the percentage of the total forecast to distribute to this sub-skill.
  3. Repeat this for each sub-skill. The total percentage must be 100%.
  4. Click OK to save.

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