Configure the Data Server

The Data Server Configuration page enables you to set up Data Server features based on a contact center’s geographic location. For example, you can configure a contact center in New York differently than a contact center in California. This allows each site to operate with minimal WAN traffic.

Data Server configuration in multi-tenant environments

Some data server features are not available in multi-tenant environments. In such an environment, the following configuration options do not appear on the Data Server Configuration page:

  • Regional Data Server Reconciliation Settings
  • Data Server Device Sync Settings
  • Recording SIPREC Signaling Server Settings
  • Recording CTI Signaling Server Settings
  • Recording Capture Server Settings

Field descriptions

Use the Data Server Configuration page to configure and maintain the data server features. For more information about how to configure the Data Server for a specific ACD (cloud only), see the following pages:

The fields on the Data Server Configuration page are described below.