Connection settings for Genesys Cloud

The Genesys Cloud ACD Configuration page allows a tenant administrator to create, edit, or delete a Genesys Cloud ACD. Configuring Genesys Cloud as an ACD in Calabrio ONE connects the two systems on the backend, thus allowing data to flow from Genesys Cloud to Calabrio ONE. The following fields appear if you select Genesys Cloud as your ACD.

NOTE   If your organization has New WFM, then New WFM implementations are done in a separate process. A select number of integrated platforms can be configured using the WFM Integrations page (see Manage WFM integrations). If your integrated platform is not listed on the WFM Integrations page, then it requires a project managed by Calabrio Professional Services.



Edit a Genesys ACD

Edit an existing Genesys Cloud ACD.

Create a Genesys ACD

Create a new Genesys Cloud ACD.

Delete a Genesys ACD

Delete an existing Genesys Cloud ACD.

ACD Name

ACD Name

The name of your Genesys Cloud ACD.

Configure a Genesys ACD

Genesys Client ID

The ID generated when you create a Genesys Cloud OAuth client.

Genesys Client Secret

The secret generated when you create a Genesys Cloud OAuth client.

Genesys Host URL

The domain name of your Genesys Cloud client.

Calabrio Configuration

Calabrio API Username

Your Calabrio ONE service account username. This service account is also referred to as your tenant administrator account or API user account. This is required for uploading data to the correct tenant. This account needs to be created by a system administrator and the account resides in your tenant system. This tenant administrator account also needs to be given the correct permissions to upload data.

Contact Calabrio Support for assistance with creating this tenant administrator account.

See Create an API user and Manage roles and permissions for more information.

Calabrio API User Password

The Calabrio ONE service account password.

Genesys Queues



The queue ID of the Genesys Cloud queue you want to import calls from. You must add at least one queue.

Metadata Mapping


Add Mapping

This section allows you to define which Genesys Cloud metadata values are synced with Genesys Cloud contacts into Calabrio ONE. The Genesys Cloud metadata values are mapped to metadata labels created in Metadata Manager (located at Application Management > QM > QM Configuration > Metadata Manager). Metadata fields must first be created in Metadata Manager in Calabrio ONE (see Manage metadata fields for more information).

Follow the Sync Genesys Cloud Metadata to Calabrio ONE procedure in the RingCentral Engage Integration Guide to map your Genesys Cloud metadata. After you map your Genesys Cloud metadata it can add a variety of trackable information to a contact in Calabrio ONE.

Metadata fields can be found in the Contact Information Details panel on the Interactions page (Interactions tab > select a contact). You can view, edit, or delete a metadata field from your system.

Enable RTE Messaging for Screen Recording

Enable RTE Messaging for Screen Recording

(Optional) Allows you to record the screens of Genesys Cloud users who are configured for screen recording in Calabrio ONE. See Screen Recording for more information.

NOTE   Enabling this check box is required for screen recording and screen recording pause and resume to function.