Create an API user for Classic Calabrio ONE

If you plan to use Calabrio ONE APIs for third-party integrations, Calabrio recommends that you create an API user account. You configure an API user the same as a system administrator, but the purpose of this user is to enable third-party applications to authenticate with Calabrio ONE.

NOTE   To create this user, you must have the default system administrator role or a role with equivalent permissions. This role consumes one System Administrator license.

For more information on authorizing and authenticating a user with Calabrio ONE, see Authorize API in the API Reference Guide.

If you run into any issues, contact Calabrio Support Services for assistance. Send a Calabrio technical support request here:

Create an API user account

  1. Start Calabrio ONE and log in as a system administrator.

    NOTE   If you are logging into the product for the first time, create an additional Administrative account.

  2. Navigate to Application Management > Global > User Configuration > Users.
  3. Select the Create a new user option and complete the following fields in the User Information section.

    • First Name and Last Name—Enter a first and last name that identifies the purpose of the user. For example, enter API as the First Name and User as the Last Name.
    • User Name—Enter a valid email address. This is the user’s Calabrio ONE user name that will be used to log in.
  4. Enter a password that meets your tenant’s password complexity requirements in the Password field.
  5. In the Roles field, assign the user to the default system Administrator role.
  6. Set the Team field to Default Team. You can set this value to an alternate team is you prefer.
  7. Select the Associated Groups and Teams that this account should have scoping over. You can select individual teams, a Group name, or a Tenant name as a group. Selecting a Tenant name highlights all teams within that group.
  1. In the WFM Views field, assign EnterpriseView as the main view. This allows the user to see all users.
  2. Click Save in the upper, right corner of the user interface.

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