View your statistics

Why might you want to look at your statistics? Your supervisor says that you’re spending too much time between finishing a call and taking the next one, and you’re trying to be faster. Or your supervisor has set a new team goal to finish after-call work more quickly, and you want to see how well you’re meeting the goal. The Reporting section gives you the numbers for these situations and more.

  1. Click Reports in the top menu and select My Report. A dashboard with statistics for yesterday appears.
  2. (Optional) Click a statistic for more information. Click Overview to go back to the dashboard.
  3. (Optional) Click the calendar icon to see information for a different date.

Here’s what the numbers on your dashboard mean:

  • Ready-time adherence: How much of your time you spent doing the activity you were scheduled for. A high percentage means that you were ready to handle contacts when you were scheduled to.
  • Ready Time / Scheduled Ready Time: Of the time you were scheduled to be available to handle contacts, how much of that time were you actually available? You’re considered “available” if you are waiting for a call, on a call, or doing after-call work.
  • Average handling time: On average, how long it took you to handle a contact, from answering the phone to finishing the after-call work.
  • Average talk time: On average, how long it took you to handle a contact, not including after-call work.
  • Average after call work: On average, how long it took you to wrap up the paperwork after a call.
  • Answered calls: How many calls you answered on this day.