Send your supervisor a message

The messages we cover here could be used for just about anything. Some companies use WFM messages instead of email for anything related to scheduling. Your supervisor can tell you how best to use them. You probably shouldn’t use them to ask for time off (see Request time off for that), but here are some situations that might call for a message:

  • You cheered so much at your daughter’s basketball game last night that you lost your voice. You can still work, but you can’t talk on the phone. Ask your supervisor if you can work on email contacts today instead.
  • A complicated customer issue has come up, and you need to meet with someone outside the contact center to resolve it. Ask your supervisor for time away from the service queue for this meeting.
  1. Click Requests in the top menu.
  2. Click Text Request.
  3. (Optional) Click the calendar and clock icons to select the date and time that your message applies to. If your message is not related to a specific date or time, skip this step.
  4. Enter the Subject and the Message.
  5. Click Save. The message appears in your list of requests.

When your supervisor replies to your request, the number of Messages in the top menu updates. Click Messages or Requests to see the reply.