Create days off

Create days off to use in scheduling. A day off is a scheduled rest day for an agent. The day off settings define how long the day off must be and how flexible the placing of the day off is. The number of days off for an agent during a schedule period is defined by the agent's contract schedule .

Often, it is enough to create one day off that is 24h long. For some situations, additional days off are necessary.

EXAMPLE   The call center is open 24/7 and use flexible scheduling. Some weeks, the agents have only one day off. A 36h day off is in some cases needed to fulfill the 36h weekly rest set on the contract.

NOTE   The automatic scheduling and optimization processes will only use one day off, even if there are several. The day off that comes first in alphabetical order will be used.


  • You have the Options permission.

Page location

Client > Options > Scheduling > Days off


Create a day off

Create a day off and define how it can behave.

EXAMPLE   The target length of a day off is 36h and the anchor is at noon. The day off by default starts at 6 PM the day before the day off and ends at 6 AM the day after. The flexibility is 3h. If a shift ending 9 PM is scheduled the day before the day off, the earliest possible start time for a shift on the day after the day off is 9 AM.

  1. Click New day off. A new day off is created in the Days off menu and automatically selected.
  2. Enter a Name for the new day off.
  3. Enter a Short name for the day off, with maximum two characters. The short name is displayed for days off where the space is limited.
  4. Enter a Payroll system code. This is used in payroll exports to define the compensation.
  5. Enter an Anchor time.

    Set the anchor time to where you want the middle of a day off to be. The day off extends equally long before and after the anchor time.

  6. Enter the Target length.

    The target length defines the minimum hours of non-work time for this day off. This is counted from the end of the shift the day before the day off until the start of the shift the day after the day off.

  7. Enter the Flexibility.

    The flexibility defines how many hours a day off can be pushed in either direction to adjust for a late shift before the day off or an early shift after it. Only a shift can push a day off. If there are two days off in a row and one of them is pushed 3h, they will have a 3h overlap.

  8. Click Apply to save.

Delete a day off

  1. Select the day off to delete in the Days off menu.
  2. Click Delete day off.
  3. Click Yes to the confirmation question.
  4. Click Apply to save.

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