Create absence types

Create absence types to add to agents' schedule when they are away. Create different absence types to use in different situations, for example when the agent is ill, on vacation, on parental leave or arrives late.

Absences are added to the schedule manually by planners or supervisors and when agents send absence requests or use absence reporting.

Track each agent's usage of selected absence types with personal accounts.


  • You have the Options permission.

Page location

Client > Options > Scheduling > Absence


Create absence types

Create the absence types to use when agents are away.

  1. Click Add absence.
  2. Enter a Name for the new absence.
  3. Enter a Short name for the absence, with maximum two characters. The short name is displayed for full-day absences where the space is limited.
  4. Select a Color. The absence color is shown for all full-day absences and for part-day absences where the shift is displayed with details.
  5. Select the appropriate check boxes for this absence type.
    • Is contract time

      Select this check box if the absence counts towards an agent's contracted time for a schedule period. The contract time is used as a target when scheduling.

      NOTE   Vacation and illness are often contract time absences, as the agent doesn't need to work extra to compensate for being away. Absences where the agent is away without a valid cause, like late arrival, are not contract time.

    • Is work time

      Select this check box if the absence is a work-related task. The work time is used for contract validations, for example nightly rest, weekly rest and maximum weekly work time. Normally, absences are not work time.

    • Is paid time

      Select this check box if the absence is paid. The paid time is mainly used for reporting.

      EXAMPLE   The Vacation absence type is paid, and the Late arrival absence type is not paid.

  6. Select the Use for requests check box to make it possible for agents to send absence requests with this absence type.
  7. Select a Tracker type if you want to keep track usage of this absence type in a personal account for each agent. You can then enter how many days or hours of this absence type the agent has for a defined period and how many they have used.

    NOTE   If you select the Days tracker type, a full day will be deducted from the personal account, even for a 2-hour absence. To track hours and minutes, select the Time tracker type. Once you have started using a tracker for an absence type, you cannot change the tracker type.

  8. Select the Confidential check box to make this absence type visible only to users with the View confidential permission. Other users can still see that the agent is absent, but the type of absence will not be displayed.

    NOTE   Confidential absences are still visible in the Ready-time adherence reports.

  9. Enter the Payroll system code for the absence. This is used in payroll exports to define the compensation.
  10. Click Apply to save.

Delete an absence type

Delete absences that no longer are needed.

IMPORTANT   Do not delete absences that are still in use. Rename the absence if you want to indicate that it shouldn't be used but keep it to not affect the history.

  1. Select the absence you want to delete by clicking the row in the table.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Click Yes to the confirmation question.
  4. Click Apply to save.

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