Review staffing levels

Use the Staffing tool to review the staffing levels for a skill or skill group. The staffing levels are shown for published schedules for today, 7 weeks forward and 7 days back. The staffing information can be exported to an Excel file for further reporting.

The staffing view is immediately updated by any changes to the forecast and by schedule changes made in the web scheduling tools or through agent requests. Changes made in the Schedules module in the WFM client are visible in the staffing view within an hour.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • You have the Staffing permission.

Page location

WFM > Staffing


Select skills

Click one of the fields at the top to select an individual skill or a skill group.

Review staffing levels

The number of Forecasted agents and Scheduled agents are shown as lines in the staffing chart. The deviation between the forecasted and scheduled agents, that is the Understaffing or the Overstaffing, is shown as a bar for each interval.

Select the Use shrinkage check box to present the Forecasted agents value that takes shrinkage into consideration. Shrinkage is normally used for future periods, where there are more uncertainties regarding for example the amount of absences.

Hover a measure in the legend to highlight it. It is also possible to click a measure in the legend to hide it. This makes it easier to focus on the measures that are important to you. Click the measure again to show it.

NOTE   The staffing value shown in the Staffing tool does not take agents' proficiency values into consideration.

Select which day to view

Use the arrows to go to the day before or the day after.

Use the calendar view to select a specific date.

Export staffing data to an Excel file

Export staffing data for a selected period to an Excel file. Staffing data is available from 7 days back and 7 weeks forward, counting from today.

  • The date format in the export is based on your culture settings.
  • The Total scheduled agents measure shows the number of FTEs that are scheduled on this skill. The Total scheduled heads measure is the number of physical agents scheduled on this skill.
  1. Select the skill you want to export staffing data for.

    The Excel export function is only available for individual skills, not for skill groups.

  2. Click Export to file.
  3. Select the date interval.
  4. Click Export to download a file with the staffing data for the selected period.

View imported BPO files

If you are using BPO Exchange and have imported staffing files, information about the files that have been imported successfully for the selected day and skill is shown below the chart.

Hover the cursor over the file name for detailed information about the date and time of the import and which user that performed the import.

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