Export staffing gap

There might be situations, for example a peak period of the year, when your agents cannot fulfill the forecasted resource need. Use the BPO Exchange functionality to export the gap between the forecasted agents and the internally scheduled agents to a file. The export file can then be sent to an external supplier (a BPO).

The staffing gap can be exported for today and the next seven weeks. Choose to export the gap for an individual skill or for several skills at the same time using a skill group.

NOTE   The export does not consider the shrinkage defined in the forecast.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • The BPO Exchange license is applied.
  • You have the Staffing > BPO Exchange permission.

Page location

WFM > Staffing > BPO Exchange


Export staffing gap

Export the gap between the forecasted agents and the scheduled agents. See BPO exchange file formats for more information about the file format.

NOTE   The times in the export file are according to your time zone, that is the time zone of the user who is doing the export.

  1. Click Export gap.
  2. Select the skill or skill group to export the gap for.

    If you export the gap for a skill group, the file contains the summarized staffing gap for all the skills included in the skill group.

  3. Select the Export period. Available dates to export are today and seven weeks forward.
  4. Click Export to file.

    The data is exported to a comma-separated CSV file.

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