Review absence and text requests

WFM can handle most agent absence requests automatically. However, if you want to review absence requests that were processed automatically or if you want to manually approve or deny absence requests, you must use the web Requests tool. For example, you can use this tool if you want to handle a holiday or peak period manually. Text requests always require manual approval. You can use the time zone filters at the bottom of the page to view the data in your time zone or the request time zone. You can use the Filter drop-down list to choose which columns are visible in the table. Each column also has a Sort drop-down list to move a column, hide a column, or sort the column data alphabetically.

NOTE   It is not possible to approve a request that you have already denied. Instead, you can either manually add the absence to the agent's schedule or ask the agent to submit their request again.


  • You have the Web > Requests permission to access the Requests tool.
  • For some functionality in Requests you need additional underlying permissions.

    • Approve/deny request to approve or deny requests.
    • Cancel request to cancel previously approved absence requests.
    • Reply to request to send a text message to the requesting agent, e.g. asking for a clarification, without changing the status of the request.
  • You have the Global functions > View schedule permission to see the shifts for the days of the requests.

Page location

WFM > Requests > Absence and Text tab


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