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Quality Management workflows can handle most recording situations, but you might encounter a situation that isn’t covered by a workflow. The Recording Controls page allows you to override these workflows and work with calls directly.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

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Recording Controls


Log in to Recording Controls

This is always the first step in using Recording Controls.

  1. Click Log In.
  2. Enter your extension in the Telephone Extension field.
  3. Click Submit.

Record your screen

These steps record only your screen, not audio. You can record your screen even if you’re not on a call, so this feature lets you record chat or email contacts.

  1. Click Start Screen.
  2. Click Stop Screen when you are finished recording.

Pause the recording

You might want to pause a recording if you are handling sensitive information, such as credit card numbers. This procedure pauses both screen and audio recording. When you play back the contact, the audio is silent during the pause, and the screen shows a pause symbol.

  1. Click Pause.
  2. Click Resume to continue recording.

Immediately delete part of a recording

This process is similar to Pause the recording, but it automatically deletes the part of the call that you don’t want to record instead of keeping part of the recording silent.

  1. While the call is being recorded, click Segment and Save before the confidential part of the contact begins.

    EXAMPLE   You are helping a customer place an order. You click Segment and Save right before the customer gives you their credit card number.

  2. Click Segment and Delete when the confidential part of the call is over.

    IMPORTANT   When you click Segment and Delete, Calabrio ONE immediately deletes the confidential part of the call. This segment does not go to the recycle bin.

  3. Click Stop Screen when you are finished recording.

Mark a segment of a call

Marking a call segment is like putting a bookmark inside the call. There are two situations when you might want to mark a call segment:

  • If you are on a call that would not normally be recorded, you can start both audio and screen recording.
  • If you are on a transfer or conference call, you can mark when the call was transferred or when another person was added to the call.
  1. Click Segment and Save.
  2. Click Stop Screen when you are finished recording.

Attach metadata to a contact

If your organization uses metadata for contacts, you can attach metadata to contacts that you record with Recording Controls. You can attach metadata to an active call and to the most recent call. You cannot attach metadata to calls older than that.

  1. Click Add Metadata.
  2. Select the metadata type from the Metadata Key drop-down list.
  3. Enter the metadata value in the Metadata Value field.

    EXAMPLE   You need to add a comment to the contact recording. You select Comment from the Metadata Key drop-down list and enter your comment in the Metadata Value field.

  4. Click Submit.

Tag a call for a different retention time

Your Calabrio ONE administrator controls how long recordings are available. However, you can give a contact a different retention time by tagging it. Tagging a contact applies whatever retention period your organization has set up for tagged contacts.

  • Click Tag.

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