Assign availability patterns to agents

Assign availability patterns to agents to define days or time periods when the agent is or is not available to be scheduled. The same availability patterns can be used for several agents.

When you define that an agent is available to be scheduled, that does not mean that the agent must be scheduled to work for that day or time.

The availability periods have a start date but no end date. They are valid until the availability period is deleted or until a new availability period starts.

Availability patterns are useful in many situations. These are some examples.

  • To not schedule shifts for an agent on Mondays as they are taking classes on Mondays.
  • To schedule early shifts for some agents every other week, as they need to pick up the kids from daycare.

To consider the availability during scheduling and optimization of the schedule, the Availability check box must be selected in the scheduling and optimization options.


Page location

Client > People > Person availability tab


Assign availability patterns to agents

Create an availability period to assign an availability pattern to the agents.

  1. Select the agents to assign an availability pattern to.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter a start date for the availability period in the From field. The start date is usually on the day of the week that is the first day of the work week, to make it easier to follow up on the availability.
  4. Select which Availability to use. To ensure that the selected availability has the pattern you intended or verify the pattern, right-click the name of the availability and select LookUp.
  5. Click Save.

Delete an availability period

Delete the availability period if you no longer want to schedule this agent according to the availability.

  1. Select the agents to delete the availability period for.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Click Save.

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