Create agent availability patterns

Create agent availability patterns to handle recurring events where agents are not fully available to work. The availability patterns can extend over several weeks.

Availability patterns are useful for example to handle if an agent must leave early to pick up their kids from daycare on certain days of the week. They can also be useful to mark an agent as not available at all on Mondays, as they are taking some classes.

Only specify the days in the availability pattern where the agent is not fully available. This gives more flexibility for the automatic scheduling to schedule according to the resource need. All days in the availability pattern are days where the agent is available for work. This does not mean that they are scheduled to work all available days.

The availability is assigned to agents in People, together with a start date. The same availability pattern can be used for multiple agents.


  • You have the Options permission.

Page location

Client > Options > Restrictions > Availability


Create an availability pattern

  1. Click New availability.
  2. Enter a Description that defines what the availability pattern is used for.
  3. Define the number of Weeks for the availability pattern.
  4. For the days in the availability pattern where you want to limit the availability, define one or more of these properties. Leave the other days flexible.
    • Enter an Early start time, the earliest possible start time.
    • Enter a Late end time, the latest possible end time. If the late end time is past midnight, click the clock button to add '''+1''' to indicate this.
    • Enter a Min work time, the shortest possible shift length in contract time.
    • Enter a Max work time, the longest possible shift length in contract time.
  5. Clear the Available check box for any day in the pattern where the agent is not available to work at all.
  6. Click Apply to save.
  7. Continue by assigning the availability pattern to agents. See Assign availability patterns to agents for more information.

Delete an availability pattern

  1. Select the availability to delete in the Select availability menu.
  2. Click Delete availability.
  3. Click Yes to confirm.
  4. Click Apply to save.

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