Review intraday data by interval

This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

When you review today's intraday values, the columns that contain actual values only have values up until the latest interval.

All data in the Table view is also visualized in the charts on the Incoming traffic, Performance and Staffing tabs.

The data in the Table view can be exported to Excel if you want to do further reporting on this data.


Review the intraday data for each interval in the Table view. The data is always presented in your time zone.

  • You have the Intraday permission.

Page location

WFM > Intraday > Table view


Select skills

Click in the field at the top of the page and select the skill or skill group to view data for.

If a skill group is selected, you can expand to show the included skills above the tabs. Click a skill to see data for only that skill. Click All to go back to viewing data for all skills in the skill group.

Select which day to view

Today's values are shown by default. Show data up to 7 days back or 1 day forward.

  • Click on a day in the day section in the top right corner. For example, -3 means three days back.

Export intraday data to an Excel file

Export the data presented in the Intraday charts to an Excel file for further custom reporting. The export shows the total values for each column. When exporting today's values, all columns which contains actual values only have values up until the latest interval. The same applies to forecasted volume and forecasted average handling time, to make it possible to compare the forecasted total to the corresponding actual total.

  1. Select the day to export data for.
  2. Select the skill or skill group to export data for.

    NOTE   The data for all the skills in the selected skill group is exported, even if you have clicked to show only one of those skills in the view.

  3. Click Export to Excel.

    The intraday data for the selected day is exported to an Excel file.

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