About reviewing intraday data

The different views in the Intraday tool give you an overview of the current situation. This is a tool where you can view the forecast and schedule data together with the actual traffic data. The charts give you a good overview of today. Spot developing trends that might require you to reforecast or to do a last-minute optimization to solve staffing issues.

The views are continuously updated with any changes in the schedule and forecast, and with new actual traffic data from the ACD platform. The time stamp in the upper left corner shows the last time the view was updated.

The information is displayed in three chart tabs and one table view. The charts give you a good overview. A summary up to the latest actual interval is presented below the charts. The table view presents all the measures for the selected day in one table.

Today's values are shown by default, but you can select to show values for up to 7 days back and one day forward.

The information in the Intraday tool is presented in your time zone, regardless of the time zone of the skill and the time zone of the agents working on the skill.

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