Learn more about Calabrio ONE with the Learning Studio

The Learning Studio is a hub where you can access engaging content to learn and grow your knowledge and expertise on all things Calabrio ONE. The Learning Studio introduces learning pathways, which are a collection of learning material that takes learners on a journey from beginner to intermediate, or even advanced levels, in a given skill or role.

The Learning Studio helps you with the following.

  • Ensure quicker time-to-value on your Calabrio ONE solution

  • Improve new-hire onboarding

  • Reduce turnover

  • Decrease time spent on live training

Below is what you see when you navigate to the Learning Studio dashboard.

For any Learning Studio questions or issues contact [email protected]. For issues logging into the Calabrio Success Center, contact [email protected].


  • Your organization uses Calabrio ONE
  • Your organization does not use an OEM or white-labeled version of Calabrio ONE


Navigate to the Calabrio Learning Studio dashboard or access the Calabrio Success Center Learning Studio page for video content.


There are two sets of procedures for accessing the Learning Studio, and the procedure you follow is based on your role. One procedure is for agents. The other procedure is for all non-agents roles such as team leaders, administrators, schedulers, and others. Follow the procedure that aligns with your role.

Agents: access the Learning Studio

Agents bypass Success Center registration using an enrollment key. The enrollment key is a direct link to the Learning Studio's agent courses. It requires basic registration information, and it does not have any cost associated with it. The registration approval process may take up to 24 hours.

NOTE   Agents must register using their business email. User accounts registered with a personal email, such as Gmail or Yahoo, will be deactivated.

  1. Click the Calabrio enrollment key link to sign up. A sign up window opens.

  2. Follow the prompts to register, then click Sign Up. You are directed to the Learning Studio homepage.

  3. Click the My Courses tile under Shortcuts.

  4. Click the Product Knowledge folder.

  5. Click the Start button for any course you want to take.

Non-agents: access the Learning Studio

In 2023, Learning Studio courses are available at no charge to Calabrio ONE customers. Non-agent roles must register via the Calabrio Success Center. The registration approval process may take up to 24 hours.

  1. Navigate to the Calabrio Success Center.

  2. From the login page, click Register.

    Alternatively, if you do not remember your login, click Forgot your password?.

    NOTE   If you do not receive a sign up email or password reset email, then check your spam or junk folders.

  3. Click the Learning with Calabrio tile. The Learning Studio homepage opens.

  4. Click Watch Now, or scroll down to see some of the latest Learning Studio pathways.

  5. Under Shortcuts, click the Catalog tile.

  6. Click the Product Knowledge folder.

  7. Click the folder that corresponds with your organization's version of Calabrio ONE, either Cloud or On-premise.

  8. Click Enroll to start any course. Courses are not timed. You can return to the Learning Center at any time and find courses you have started under Shortcuts on the homepage.

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