Recalculate badges for WFM

The badge calculation happens automatically each night. Badges are then distributed based on the agents' performance the day before yesterday. The delay in calculating badges is to ensure that the data which the calculation is based on is available, as there might be agents in multiple time zones.

If there for example was a longer delay, you can choose to run a recalculation of the badges for a selected period.

NOTE   Imported data older than 30 days cannot be used to calculate badges.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • You have the Web > Gamification permission.
  • It is defined when to award badges on the Gamification settings tab.
  • Gamification rules are assigned to the teams and sites on the Set gamification targets tab.
  • Agents must have the View badge permission for badges to be calculated.

Page location

WFM > Gamification > Badge calculation tab


Recalculate badges for a selected period

  1. Select the date range to recalculate the badges for.
  2. Click Start.

    The recalculation is added to the job list at the bottom of the tab. All badges within the selected period are recalculated using the current settings. The status of the job is initially In progress.

  3. Refresh the page any time to see the current status.

    The recalculation is performed as a background process. This process might take time to begin or complete processing depending on the load of the server. You don’t need to stay on the Badge calculation tab once a recalculation process has been started. Return later to check the status of the recalculation.

Reset all badges

Reset the badges to start over.

IMPORTANT   This will delete all badges for all agents, regardless of which gamification setting their team is connected to. The badges cannot be recovered.

  1. Click Reset badges.
  2. A warning is shown. Click Reset badges to confirm.

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