Assign gamification rules to sites and teams in WFM

Define which gamification settings to use for the teams in your organization. The agents in the teams are awarded badges based on their performance and the defined gamification settings.

NOTE   Calculation of badges is only done for agents who have the View badge permission.


  • You have the Web > Gamification permission.
  • Sites and teams are set up under Options > Organization hierarchy.
  • Gamification settings are defined in the Gamification settings tab.

Page location

WFM > Gamification > Set gamification targets tab


Assign gamification rules to sites and teams

  1. Select one or more sites from menu at the top and then click outside the menu to show the teams on the selected sites.
  2. If there are many teams, enter the team name in the Filter teams field to find a specific team.
  3. Select which gamification setting to use for each team.

    To select the same gamification setting for many teams, select the team check boxes and then select the gamification setting to apply on one of those teams. It will apply to all selected teams.

    Select None for teams where you don't want use gamification.

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