Import external gamification data to WFM

Import a maximum of ten measures and the corresponding agent performance values from external systems. Use these measures to award badges with the gamification functionality.

Create a new measure by importing data for this measure. Define a name and a unique ID for the measure in the import file. When it has been imported, the measure is available to select in the gamification settings.

The import is performed as a background process. This process might take time to begin or complete processing depending on the load of the server. You don’t need to stay on the Import external data tab once an import process has been started. Return later to check the status of the import. If there were any errors, download a file containing more information about the errors.

NOTE   Imported data older than 30 days cannot be used to calculate badges.


  • You have the Web > Gamification permission.

Page locations

WFM > Gamification > Import external data tab


Import external gamification data

  1. Prepare the CSV file containing performance data to comply with the import file requirements. See WFM gamification import requirements for more information.
  2. Drag the file onto the area at the top of the Import external data tab or click the area to open a dialog to find and select the file.
  3. Click Upload and start to start the import. The import is added to the job list at the bottom of the tab. The status of the job is initially In progress.
  4. Refresh the page any time to see the current status. When the status shows Finished or Finished (Errors) the job is completed.
  5. If there are any errors, click the Errors link in the status field to download a file containing the rows that could not be imported. In this file there is an explanation for each row on why that row cannot be imported.

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