Validate historical data

Validate the historical data from the ACD platform to create a reliable base for forecasting. In the validation you work through the historical data in order to identify data that is not representative. This is essential to ensure the quality of the forecast.

During the validation you detect days that deviate from the normal workload. This can be days that are abnormal, such as a snowstorm or a technical issue causing an increase in traffic. These values can be corrected manually.

Other days that deviate from the normal workload are recurring, such as national holidays. These can then be saved as special events and reused later. If an outlier in the data is because of a recurring event, for example a public holiday, it can be added as a special event. Special events have two purposes; to exclude the day from the normal set of data to base forecasts on and to collect a special set of data to forecast for future dates of these recurring events.

The values in the Validated rows are used to create the forecast and to calculate seasonal variations and trends.

IMPORTANT   Each period only needs to be validated once. Ensure to validate historical data regularly. Create a process to for example in the beginning of each month go through the data of the past month. Over time you collect a large amount of validated data to base your forecasts on.


This feature is available to Calabrio GovSuite users.

  • You have the Forecasts permission.
  • A skill and a workload are created.
  • There is historical data, either through a queue connected to the workload or through imported queue data.

Page location

Client > Forecasts > Prepare workload > Validation tab


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