Create a skill on web

Create a skill to forecast for. Configure the skill settings to define for example what activity to use when scheduling for this skill and what the service level target is.

When a skill is created in the Forecasts web tool, a workload is automatically created with the selected queues and open hours.

If you need to adjust for example the service level target or the shrinkage later, this is done in the Forecasts module in the client.


  • You have the Web > Forecasts permission.
  • A skill is created.

Page location

WFM > Forecasts


Create a skill

  1. Click New skill.
  2. Select a Channel type. Currently you can only create Inbound telephony skills in the web Forecasts tool. To create skills of other channel types, use the Forecasts module in the client.
  3. Select the Skill activity, that is the activity used when scheduling this skill. The activities that are available to select are the activities for which the Requires skill check box is selected.
  4. Select a Time zone. It's often most convenient to select the time zone where the workload is. If the workload covers several time zones, you can select the time zone where the resource planners are.
  5. Enter the Service level target. The service level is expressed as a combination of a percentage and a number of seconds.

    EXAMPLE   The service level 80% and 20s means that the target is to answer 80% of the calls within 20s.

  6. Enter the expected Shrinkage. Shrinkage is the loss of resources because of unplanned absences, such as sick leave. This is used to calculate the total number of agents to schedule, including the number of agents required to cover for unplanned absences.
  7. Add Open hours for the skill.

    1. If the default open hours do not apply, click Delete for those.
    2. Adjust the open hours in the field and click Add open hours.
    3. Select for which days of the week to use these open hours.
    4. If there are days with other open hours, repeat the steps above to add those.

    NOTE   If the skill has queues with different open hours, use the Forecasts module in the client to create an additional workload.

  8. Select to Queues to connect to this skill.
  9. Click Save.

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