Evaluate the impact and performance of releases

See how your latest releases are doing using the Impact Analysis and Performance Comparison pages.

A/B testing compares the performance of two pieces of content to see which one performs better. Use the Impact Analysis and Performance Comparison pages to perform A/B testing that identifies how bot releases have impacted your metrics. Compare time periods on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis and filter results by languages, channels, and conversation topics.


  • You have a Bot Analytics license.

  • You have the View VAA Performance Comparison permission.

Page Location

Bot Analytics > Virtual Agent Analytics > Performance Comparison


Conduct an impact analysis

For each improvement that was implemented, assess whether it has had the desired effect on your metrics. Examine the performance before and after these changes were applied. If the results differ from your expectations, dive into transcripts to understand results. Explore alternate strategies or improvements that could be implemented to achieve the desired changes in metrics.

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